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Jihae Releases Striking Visual Accompaniment For Newest Single 'Utopia'

Multi talented actress and musician Jihae has blessed her fans with a stunning visual accompaniment to her latest single ‘Utopia’.

Working with renowned director Paola Kudacki (Foo Fighters, Vogue, Elle, Rolling Stone) and cinematographer Jeffery Kim (SOLO - A Star Wars Story), Jihae has created a music video that further embodies the song's meaning. With the song itself having such ethereal qualities it was only right that the accompanying video possessed the same character, something that the team have achieved perfectly.

Speaking to the video’s meaning Kudacki says, “This video portrays the journey of a woman dreaming of Utopia. In her search she encounters frustration and desperation until she realizes that the true search is within herself. At the end she enters a portal, a new dimension, perhaps her own soul? Her inner world of happiness. The golden light. Her true self. I wanted to explore the idea of acceptance and tolerance and the constant search for happiness. A search which can only be found inside our minds and our hearts. When we filmed the performance, we all felt moved by Jihae’s honest and emotional delivery. This song is definitely a point of conversation regardless of who you are, where you are from, and what you wish for the future.”

As well as making her mark on the music industry, working with massive stars such as Leanord Cohen and Dave Stewart, Jihae is also a well recognised actress. She has appeared in HBO’s Succession, Peter Jacksons ‘Mortal Engines’ as well as the Nat Geo series ‘Mars’.

‘Utopia’ is a beautiful song that encapsulates the depth with which Jihae writes and creates music and is sure to solidify her status in the industry.

Listen to 'Utopia' here;

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