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Jimmy B Fearless drops uplifting ode to endurance on "Sacrifice"

Emerging hip-hop act Jimmy B Fearless explores what it takes to make your dreams come true on easy-going yet emotive track “Sacrifice,” led by smooth rap verses laid over gentle R&B-infused instrumentation.

With feel-good vibes rooted in Jimmy’s trademark escapist vibes, the track taken from his upcoming EP The Love Is Realis an ode to endurance and sacrifice, brimming with self-reflective songwriting, motivating us to move forward on our paths to success.

Balancing a powerful and gritty delivery style with a slow-build soundscape, the track encapsulates our willingness to hustle through long days and nights as part of our journey to our ultimate goals.

Hailing from Wilmington, Delaware, making beats was a solace for Jimmy after losing his father. Building upon his passion, this rising star is someone who makes an impression with his raw talent and dedication.

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