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JMSEY tackles mental health on "Best Friend"

Sacramento-hailing, London-based alt-pop artist JMSEY moves through conflicting feelings of frustration and compassion toward the loss of his close friend on introspective track “Best Friend,” Hinged on a lush pop melody that swerves into an upbeat chorus despite the vulnerability beneath it.

With a stunning balance between being jovial in its encapsulation of final memories with his friend while also tackling the guilt of not knowing his friend was struggling with his mental health, the melancholic yet uplifting number reminds us to take a moment to check in on our loved ones.

Carrying a deep message about the importance of friendship, community and a supportive network that stays with us through the highs and lows of our lives, the track showcases thoughtful, sensitive lyricism like “Reading all the Signs/ Still Feel Behind”, and “Let’s be friends on the weekend, Better yet Best friends / Please catch meIi'm falling…Stumbling cause this life’s real saaaad.”

Exploring our society’s reliance on social media and the futile chase of happiness all the time, JMSEY encourages empathy and embracing the fact the happiness can be fleeting and that’s okay in his hopeful artistry, as he establishes himself as a talent that appeals to fans of pop, punk and indie alike.

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