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Joey Gutos releases heartwarming new album "Coming Home"

Joey Gutos has already made his mark on the Tempe (Arizona) music scene and he's looking to quickly expand out globally. Joey spent his formative years collaborating with some of Phoenix's best musicians, however, it wasn't until three years ago that he wanted to be at the front of the stage. With a love and passion for sustainability, he aims for his music to influence change.

His latest release comes in the form of his new album "Coming Home." A five-track offering, the album features four previously released singles and a new single entitled “Sand To Snow." With playful drums, heartwarming instrumentals and divine vocal lines, "Sand To Snow" will be sure to pick you up and leave you wanting more.

Speaking about the single, he says: “Between desert indie-pop and cinematic psychedelia, this romantic tune is for fans of Bahamas, Andrew Bird and Mac Demarco. Celebrated with a release show on Earth Day, the song is a testament to the natural beauty of the Southwest, its vast expanse mirrored in the soaring vocal harmonies and rolling rocks captured by funk inspired drum grooves.

The song began nearly 15 years ago when I was first recording music as a budding teenager. It was all but forgotten for over a decade, but found its way into my world again after a 2-week backpacking trip with my girlfriend across western Europe. The song’s lyrics were born from the diverse cultures, environments and experiences we traversed together and which brought us so much closer together in our relationship.”

With a growing fanbase, immersive tunes and a great message, Gutos will be sure to get to the top.

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