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Join AXLS In The Discotek: The UK Synthpop Trio Release Ethereal New Single

‘Discotek’ is a dance track, packed with electropop goodness from synth pop trio AXLS, who hail from the North-East, UK. The song is a floor filler and represents how it feels to get lost in good music, that feeling when you’re dancing your heart out and just don’t want to stop. Music can transport a person away from their worries and allow them to live in the moment – that’s what Discotek is all about.

AXLS’ keyboard, synth-player Chris Simmons says of the new single:

“Discotek is our first single following the release of our album. As First Contact was a concept album we wanted to do something a bit different, and as such Discotek is an up beat, party track. Discotek is purely about having a good time that you just dont want to end and is full to the brim with thumping bass, ethereal synth and catchy vocal hooks.”

This is a song with the sound of the 80s running through its veins, yet it’s also got a 2020 modern touch. This fusion of vibes and genres is what makes AXLS a stand-out band - their ability to craft pop songs which are at once disco and dark is truly something to behold.

Join AXLS on their musical adventure by visiting their website here:

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