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Josefine Neumann unveils her captivating new album 'Gravity'

While the pandemic was certainly a difficult time for many of us, locked away for months on end, it did manage to create a melting pot of musical innovation for many artists around the world. And for teenage newcomer Josefine Neumann an opportunity to learn guitar and get herself out there. Since then though, she has delivered a breadth of dazzling delights, unveiling some of the more heartfelt releases we have been enjoying lately. And with her passionate run looking to continue, she returns with her captivating new studio album 'Gravity'.

Once again embodying a warm and emotive guise for her newest full-length collection, 'Gravity' builds upon that driven aesthetic she has been growing lately, and adds another heady dose of riveting folk-pop ballads to her immerisive repertoire so far. Despite emerging at such a young age, she is showcasing some of the more proficient songwriting we have heard, well beyond her years, giving her this instantly vital sound that looks to pull and never let us go as it plays.

While it is clear that things are still only just getting started for her, Josefine Neumann has already managed to harness such a powerful aura here. Keeping the production light and her vocals as lofty as ever, 'Gravity' is another wondrous entry in what has already been an incredibly progressive and inventive journey to date.



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