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Joseph Feinstein presents us with rock-infused urban-pop track ‘fuck off’

You may have already heard of Joseph Feinstein from his various producer credits under the name NUVICLES - but Feinstein is stepping into 2022 on a mission to reinvent himself, and releasing his new single fuck off under his own name.

Feinstein looks to create what he describes as “in-your-face dark pop” stimulated by the urban environment he hails from: Berlin. This has been a blinding success with the track taking us on a gritty yet mesmerising journey, as he sells the narrative of going back to a toxic relationship over and over again, even though you’re haunted by second thoughts and the mistakes each time.

Speaking of the track, he suggests that “essentially this track is my final message, wrapping up everything I was too stunted to say in those moments, into a big ‘FUCK OFF’”.

And I will say… message received and I hung on every line.

For fans of Post Malone, The Weeknd, and blackbear.



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