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Josephine Sillars Unleashes Ethereal Track 'Enemy' From Her New EP

Scottish born and Leeds-based artist Josephine Sillers has released her latest single ‘Enemy’ from EP ‘Desperate Characters’, made with support from Help Musicians' Do It Differently fund. Desperate Character is a concept EP exploring the Globes social and political climate over the past year.

‘Enemy’ skillfully uses layering to build the track - starting with ethereal strings, keys and then mesmerising delicate vocals. Masterful curation of dissonance and expert use of harmony creates an uneasy edge of anxiety creeping through the entirety of the track, polished and enhanced by quality production. As the song descends into its bridge you feel as if the track itself has plunged underwater and you rise just in time for the track to recommence. The music manages to invocate dark emotion in a light and atmospheric sense.

"'Enemy' tries to capture the anxiety that myself and others in creative fields have been feeling this year," Josephine explains. "So much of working in music involves playing the industry game and it can leave you exhausted. There's always that fear that if you stop working, everyone will forget you. But it's always important to remember that a lot of the time, these fears are self-inflicted and almost everyone else will be thinking the same thing about themselves. This past year, as horrendous as it's been, has given the music industry a chance to rebuild better. 'Enemy' is about the collective anxiety that I hope we can begin to erase, and allow people to be creative on their own terms."

Josephine’s track is a sublime interpretation of the anxiety felt by many across the globe. With her impressive catalogue behind her, we can’t wait to see what’s next from the rising artist.

Listen to her track now:

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