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Joshua Zero’s art-rock inspired E.P: ‘Delights Are Plenty, But Tears Are Due’

Joshua Zero has received countless praises and acclaim since fleeing Leeds' much-loved turbulent music scene for the capital. No stranger to toying with art rock music, Joshua has released a stagnant debut 5 piece EP titled 'Delights Are Plenty, But Tears Are Due.' Which features a diverse mix of art-rock sounds and mournful vocals that perfectly complement each other, providing for a fascinating listen. EP focusing on misbehaved and inebriated early adolescence is a pivotal point for Joshua as they celebrate their sobriety. The EP's focal track, 'Haus Party 101,' closes in an ecstatic and energising manner, creating a healing environment for both the artist and those who hear Joshua’s message.

When speaking about the track Zero shares: “It’s a collection of tracks about drinking, documenting the real ups and downs of it all. It is about the ups and downs of love, heartbreak feels twice as crushing and dramatic when you are drunk, and so does falling in love. It kind of is a push and pull about those things.” “Now that I'm dealing with my sobriety, these songs have felt so much better to play live. The clarity has made performing them feel like 'this is what I was, now this is who I am' when singing them. It's quite therapeutic, I feel like it's a good place to be to understand yourself better."

With Joshua’s growing developing prominence in the London scene, it is clear that his messages do come across to alt-rock lovers, and with the debut EP and more shows on the way, things have never been more exciting.