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Junior releases playful single ‘Tonight (I Like It)’

Back with a bang, Junior has recently released a new single ‘Tonight (I Like It)’. Showing off his production prowess, the artist utilises a new direction, embracing the aesthetics of nu-disco into his core rap style. With heavy kicks, grooving bass lines and all-around good vibes, the track playfully moves from bar to bar with an infectious tongue-in-cheek attitude.

"This song kind of fell from the stars. Whenever I go to write my music I never know what's going to come out, I just follow the wind,” Junior shares, continuing, “I produced + wrote this song in Bedford and then finished it at Dean St Studios in Soho. I really wanted to make a track that made people dance, I guess a Disco vibe was the genre that made perfect sense. I wanted to remain myself in a new genre.”

Junior hails from the small town of Bedford. It was here where he grew up developing his musical ability in a summer cabin turned studio. Now the multi-faceted rapper, singer and producer writes music rooted in themes of coming of age. Inspired by an on-stage interaction with Pharrell as an adolescent further solidified ambition, turning him into the artist he is today.

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