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Juno Rucker teases debut album release with new single 'Pretty People'

Emerging artist Juno Rucker, hailing from the vibrant city of Las Vegas, has just dropped a captivating new offering 'Pretty People'. This soulful and guitar-infused track serves as the first glimpse into his highly-anticipated debut album, "Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid," which is scheduled to be released on June 16th through EveryDejaVu Records.

Juno Rucker's "Pretty People" is a nostalgic and evocative song that transports listeners back to late-night hangouts filled with reminiscing among friends. Drawing inspiration from personal experiences and the indie-pop hit "Tommy's Party" by Peach Pit, Rucker conceived this track as a means of finding solace and healing.

In explaining the title, Rucker reflects, "I hosted a bonfire at my home, inviting roommates and numerous friends from the thriving art scene in Vegas. It was intended to be an intimate gathering, and it turned out to be an incredible time with so many 'Pretty People.' This song signifies that every individual present was beautiful both inside and out."

Juno Rucker's music is a true labor of love, with the artist handling all aspects of production, songwriting, and collaborating with friends who have supported him along his journey. Rather than opting for a traditional studio setting, Rucker recorded all of his songs across six different households, creating a sense of familiarity and clarity in the process. He explains, "Recording in these cozy spaces provided me with a heightened sense of focus, unlike studios filled with too many distractions."

As Juno Rucker's star continues to rise, his heartfelt and genuine approach to music resonates with audiences, solidifying his status as a promising talent within the industry. With "Pretty People" as a tantalizing taste of what's to come, fans eagerly await the release of his debut album, eagerly anticipating the raw and authentic experiences that Rucker's music promises to deliver.

Listen to the new track now:

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