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Junoflo releases the effortlessly confident single ‘Goin’ Nigo’

‘Goin’ Nigo’ is the latest single from Asian-American sensation Junoflo. The track sees the LA-based artist take on an experimental electronic soundscape, bringing his effortless hip-hop flows to a beat with as much energy as dubstep and drum and bass. Much like the synth design and production of the beat, Junoflo, constantly switches up his vocal delivery, showcasing a varied performance and balancing both intensity and confidence from start to finish.

Junoflo shares, “In ‘Goin' Nigo’, I wanted to bring forth a new sound and energy that I've never done before. My discography centers around hip-hop, but musically, I have a deep love for experimental and electronic music as well. This song portrays an unrestricted and non-consequential lifestyle that I lived on my journey thus far, all while striving for success and aiming to prove my place in music. The term ‘Goin' Nigo’ is a nod to Japanese fashion designer Nigo, the founder of A Bathing Ape, and means to go ape, go gorilla, go crazy. Sonically, the production is genre-bending in that it incorporates elements from hip hop, drum n bass, and liquid jungle to create its own soundscape unique to whatever’s going on in my brain .”

With a career highlight of performing at an NBA halftime show under his belt, Junoflo is a Korean-American artist who first saw success along the monumental rise of K-pop in South Korea. After becoming sought after in the country, he expanded his influence to the USA, bringing his eclectic hip-hop, R&B and electronic blend to the Golden State.



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