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JYDN HILL is carving his new path in his latest single 'Shame On You'

Trying to create your own sound within the R&B field is hard with so much competition, but JYDN HILL has done a fantastic job at merging different inspirations to create a sound that is unique to him. His latest offering 'Shame on You' is a fantastic example of this. Driving drums, melancholy melodies that ebb and flow upon an R&B backdrop are some of the secret ingredients that make up his signature style.

Speaking about the release he tells us: “At the time that I wrote 'Shame On You' I was just coming out of a very shitty, toxic relationship and a lot of these feelings were heavy on my mind. It’s crazy how people can be out here in relationships acting slimy, while projecting all of their dirty laundry onto you as if you’re the problem. I had to deal with a lot of lies, unnecessary drama and projecting over the course of 4 years. There were always complaints whenever I was at the studio late or travelling overseas for writing camps; and when good things in my career started to happen, I really felt like the love was disingenuous. So when I was in the studio that day I had to get a lot of things off my chest, and the song came about very quickly.

Despite being from a humble background, JYDN HILL is eager to carve out his own niche in the industry and has his sights set on a bright future.

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