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Kaelin Ellis delivers new EP 'RMX's Vol.4'

With more than a decade's worth of production experience under his belt, which have included works for Lupe Fiasco, Kaytranada, Waldo, Deffie, K-pop supergroup Exo and many others, multi-platinum music producer Kaelin Ellis has now returned with his latest collection of revamped reworks, 'RMX's Vol.4'.

Featuring flipped versions of tracks by OutKast, Nelly Furtado, Destiny's Child, Rich Boy and more, this new nine-track collection gives us a raw insight into the inner workings of his creative mind. Adding his own dark and textured sound to each and every cut, it creates this smooth and captivating new offering from start to finish.

Check out 'RMX's Vol.4' below.

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