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Kai Caster returns with low-key banger "No More Parties"

Effortlessly edgy with laid-back visceral vocals, emerging artist/actor Kai Caster splices up raw emotion and stellar storytelling in his trailblazing take on alt-pop.

Photo Credit: Easton Schirra

Kai Caster has returned to drop off his smooth sophomore single "No More Parties", which is only his second track released to date. The track finds Kai effortlessly singing over the fresh, danceable beat which is perfect for any low key dance parties you might start in your apartment.

"No More Parties to me means that sometimes staying in bed and being boring with someone you enjoy is much better than going out to a party or club," Kai says.

As an LA-based actor, Kai is best known for his highly acclaimed role in American Horror Story, but when the pandemic hit in 2020 and halted Kai’s career in its tracks, he found a new creative outlet: music. Sounds like an unexpected segue, but musicality runs deep in his DNA.

With a grandfather who played piano for Simon and Garfunkel, and a music-obsessed dad who introduced Kai to a rich and diverse soundscape, it didn’t take long for Kai to tap into his own talent and take up drumming in his teen years before his acting career took off. When Kai’s father passed earlier this year, he found himself in the throes of a wild spectrum of emotions, grappling with his grief. The pandemic in 2020 stopped Kai’s world again and without his usual distraction of acting and working, Kai was facing the loss of his father in utter isolation as he struggled with his mental health.

The only way through for Kai, was music. Taking him back to the days he spent with his father, poring over their common passion for music, it connected him to his emotions in a way that nothing else could and set him on a new path of discovering a different dimension to his life as an artist. Creating music soon followed and it became a lifeline for Kai, an outlet for him which ultimately helped him heal.

The alt-pop world lent itself to Kai instantly, as he explored his gift as an emotive storyteller and talented songwriter, all underpinned with the cool edge and stand-out production skills that the genre commands. Now with new music under his belt, Kai is ready to unleash his music and his story for his fans and new followers.

“Acting and music are similar, but at the same time are completely different beasts,” says Kai. “I love how with both music and acting you can go into a whole new version of yourself. With music, I try to show emotion and tell a story in every song I write, it’s another level of pure expression. When my dad died, I became more in tune with what I was feeling and what I wanted to say. Music was a natural outlet; it helps me grieve as I discover new things about myself. The pandemic hit my mental health hard, but music became something I woke up excited to create. It gave me purpose and connection, and I can’t wait to share my new music – my new direction - with the world.”

Listen to his new track "No More Parties" below and be sure to follow him on Instagram!

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