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KALA CHNG shares her uplifting new pop album ‘STAR’ with the lead single ‘BLIND’.

KALA CHNG is a familiar face on the Bristol music scene and is rapidly on the rise. Her new album ‘STAR’ is a reflective exploration of the inner workings of the artist’s mind through a shimmering lens of cinematic soundscapes and stunning, oriental sounds. Each track sees a different aspect to KALA CHNG’s artistry, and there’s no denying that her abilities are diverse and distinctive.

Speaking about the new album, KALA CHNG shares: “The theme of the album is; We are all stardust, we are all stars, we are all connected. It's a message of love, hope, joy, forgiveness, community and possibilities, that I wrote over the last two years. Each song is from a different moment in those 2 years, listening to and witnessing the world around me.”

On ‘BLIND’, KALA CHNG reveals: “This song is about the coming down of the Colston statue and the ripple effects. During the moments that followed, we removed friends on facebook and in real life. Did we sort out any misunderstandings after?”

KALA CHNG brings a message of hope in a time that has been difficult for many. If one thing is for sure, big things are coming.



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