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Kat G. announces herself to the hip-hop world with intoxicating single 'Where They At'

Kat G. is an LA based rapper and hip-hop artist who looks to be pioneering and inspiring the next wave of female artists in this male dominated genre. Holding a traditional and classic style and flow, Kat channels this energy into bouncy rhythms and highly strung lyrics that will appease any hip-hop lover and beyond.

Her new single 'Where They At' is exactly this in so much more, in a track where Kat G. really makes her mark. Confident and hugely potent, she delivers a crisp and fresh rap song that sticks and will get lodged in your mind, much like the greats like Drake and more do in this pop rap sphere. Prominent in both rapping and singing, Kat G will take you back to those vintage hip-hop days, whilst also bringing you to the modern day with her stylish production. Check it out now.

Stream 'Where They At' here:

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