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KAYBLE releases art rock infused single 'The Silence You Asked For'

KAYBLE's bedroom recording project may not be what listeners expect. Rather than the predictable bubblegum pop tracks that are often released by recording acts, KAYBLE's sound is more of an Art rock infused gothic project. His latest offering 'The Silence You Asked For' is a fantastic representation of this.

Deeply evocative in nature, KAYBLE proposes a true emotional experience to the forefront of his music - raw vocals, infectious drums and melodic lines that ebb and flow in between. Lyrically he wants to write music that is relatable as his latest single explores longing and self reflection. The track is a dynamic journey, touching upon tender moments and crescendo moments.

Speaking about the release KAYBLE says: “This song explores the aftermath of the possibility of great loss. The emotion is raw and real, the chorus lyric came to me at a time where I really was looking down the barrel of despair - and despite being super direct which isn’t always my style, the authenticness of it meant that I just had to include it.

As such a young artist and a new project, it’s clear to see that KAYBLE is onto something here. We can’t wait to see where he can take this to and where his career progresses.



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