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Kenny Sharp delivers the passionate new single 'Grown Folks Love'

Ever since he first emerged in 2020, Nashville-based artist Kenny Sharp has been on a pursuit to find the warmest and most luxurious textures for his music. Riding a wave of praise and acclaim in recent years, he is looking to continue that adventurous direction with his wonderfully passionate new single 'Grown Folks Love'.

Inspired by his own story of dating an older woman, 'Grown Folks Love' looks to highlight an area of romance we rarely get to hear about in the commercial pop spectrum. Conjuring more of that warm and illustrious neo-soul aesthetic he has been honing since his earliest beginnings, this new outing marks another vital step forward in his progressive musical evolution to date.

Accompanied by a brilliantly playful new video, which casts his manager's 90-year-old father in the lead, he has clearly had a lot of fun curating this beautifully smooth and alluring delight. Match that up against his work over the last few years and 'Grown Folks Love' could soon become his most renowned offering of his glittering career so far.

Watch the new video for 'Grown Folks Love' below.

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