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  • FLEX Staff

KGOSI will get you moving with his latest single ‘Slide’

We all need a reason to get up and dance right now and South African-born, South Manchester-raised rapper KGOSI (pronounced as ‘Koh-Si’) is giving us exactly that with his infectious new track ‘Slide’.

The single, filled to the brim with energetic bouncing beats, fuses Hip Hop and Afrobeats. KGOSI’s light-hearted lyricism keeps the tracks vibe right up where it needs to while the buzzing bass hits deep, creating a magnetic soundscape.

In a smart move, the track was born with platforms such as Triller and Tik Tok in mind. KGOSI talking about this single said, “Slide is the product of being up late at night full of creative energy. When I was sent the beat by the producer, within 30 seconds of listening to the beat I had the basic structure of the chorus. I wanted to create a high energy, fun track that everybody could vibe to and do some simple dance moves to. When writing the song I took some inspiration from Kendrick Lamar - ‘Humble’ for the energy in the delivery and Drake - ‘Toosie Slide’ in the way he instructs people to do the dance moves.”

He further explained: “As I say in the song ‘This is for Triller and TikTok’, it is aimed at people that like to get involved in challenges. When the track is released, I’m looking to get the #SlideChallenge going and getting as many people involved. A lot of the time when writing a track I envision how it would be to perform the song live and I know this would be a mosh pit starter!”

KGOSI was brought up with music around him and with the guidance of his brother and the influence of Hip Hop he quickly grew into his own and started experimenting with his own sound. Now, well on the way to a flourishing career, we look forward to hearing what is next!

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