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Kid Apollo returns with 4th EP 'Four Fires'

The irony of beginning a solo career just before a pandemic hit is not lost on Rory Mullan, the 25-year-old singer-songwriter and bedroom producer that operates under the alias of Kid Apollo. Despite attempts at live gigs being so far thwarted by global events, it hasn't affected his musical output one bit.

The singer has been more inspired and motivated than ever to make new music and is already releasing his 4th EP, after only a few years in the music industry. This is also the first time Kid Apollo went out of his bedroom to record in a professional studio thanks to the funding of Help Musicians.

Talking about the EP, Kid Apollo says:

The central theme of fire seemed to follow me around all Summer when making 'Four Fires', and at a time in my life when everything seems to be constantly changing and challenging me, it felt right that the EP I was making would reflect the idea of having to relax and be okay with the things you were comfortable and familiar with "burning" around you. From lead single 'Smokescreen' to the title track itself, each song on the EP represents a feeling of unease and circumstances slipping beyond your control. 'Four Fires' is the sound of standing still amid the chaos.”

Listen below:


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