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Kimber unveil infectious new single ‘Drive Me To The Sea’

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Long-time friends Mikey Wilson and Josh Heffernan are the masterminds behind Kimber. Their music acts as their identity and fully represents them, with grit, determination and reliance all being found within their music. Both musicians have spent years defining their signature and unique sound, spending a decade working on different projects before forming Kimber.

Their latest offering 'Drive Me To The Sea’ showcases their unique sound. An irrespirable groove is created through a vintage-tinged drum beat. Synths are heartwarming and lay nicely on top. Vocals are infectious, softly-penned penned but packed with emotion, partnering with well-penned lyrics well.

Speaking further about the single, they say: “Looking back, ‘Drive Me To The Sea’ was my therapy. I wrote the lyrics in an East London hospital in 2019 during a chaotic time of my life. Initially it was just an account of my thoughts in an attempt to make sense of what was going on. It was a direct stream of consciousness. But after nearly a year of adjusting to the event, I came back to what I’d written and formed the lyrics to ‘Drive Me To The Sea’. Writing throughout that time probably saved me from being someone I didn’t want to be.

The production matches the realism of the lyrics with the hurried drumline driving both the song and time forward while the impulsive vocals hold off committing to any structure or certainty, just as life rushes on without time to think or make sense of it all.

2020 saw Kimber release their debut single Like Shadows On The Wall on a limited coloured cassette via Safe Suburban Home Records which sold out within the month of its release and saw a listing in Under The Radar Mag’s Ones To Watch list. After being locked down the previous year, 2021 gave Kimber the chance to unearth their intriguing live set as well as finish their follow up to 2020’s debut. With so many accolades achieved already, we can’t wait to see where they’ll take this.

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