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  • Nova Holmes

King Casares serves a wry sendup of the illusion of happiness with latest delivery ‘Fucked Up’

New Zealand-hailing, now Barcelona-based wordsmith King Casares is well versed in the art of hip hop stormers . Armed with a distinct, unplaceable drawl, if he were to put ‘Alchemist’ at the top of his resumé, nobody could question it. Following the growth of a superbly varied catalogue with releases like ‘Catastrophe’ and ‘Gold’ and each reaching tens of thousands of streams, the unique talent now returns with his latest offering ‘Fucked Up’ - a welcome addition of mellow flows perfect to ignite the summer season.

Having created a sound that resembles a transformative potion of wondrously alternative hip hop sounds and echoes of r&b toplines, the master of alchemy has stirred up some magic yet again. By fusing the perfect melodic and mellow rapping flares with r&b tones and seamlessly integrating them, King Casares’s latest offering lends itself to an introspective listening experience that envelopes its listener in an ambient, reflective moment.

"The song is about the experience most human beings have in this current day in age, the endless chase of non-existent freedom in a hamster wheel we continue running in to survive. It's for the people that have it that much harder adapting to this un-creative job structure because they are artists and feel crushed. It’s an explanation for why people turn to alcohol and drugs because that is the only way to cope / enjoy anything anymore." - King Casares

Crooning over a journeyed beat, King Casares strikes the perfect balance of mellow cadence and recite-worthy hooks resulting in a cleverly complex track in wonderfully simple clothing. As King Casares continues to interlink classic, evergreen styles with pleasing, unexpected flips, his signature unruffled and unhurried flow is one that resonates with every hip hop and r&b lover.

Since the day King Casares realised his zest for releasing music rooted in unfeigned experiences, he has consistently worked to develop his craft and collate ever-growing knowledge. As the emerging wordsmith seeks to discover a pure means of translating and understanding his environment in all he releases, he crafts a refreshingly different sound that is also consistent with the stylistic trends of today’s hip hop and r&b soundscapes.

'Fucked Up' is out on streaming platforms now, check it out below:



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