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  • Rose Shannonn

King Isis unleashes ‘SPARKLY’

Co-produced by Jaden Wiggins from rock band Hello Yello, who's produced with Logic, LIl Nas X, and Take a Daytrip, King Isis drops brand new track ‘Sparky’.

The track’s chill vibe invites reflecting thinking; Sparkly is the track to relax and vibe too. King Isis’ music has been described as a guide through “culmination of apathy, angst, acceptance, and actualisation”. They aim to emphasise freedom and comfort in their music and we’re certainly seeing that.

King Isis is the queer, Black genre-bending afrofuture you don’t want to miss. Born-and-raised in the cultural hub of Oakland, CA, King Isis brings the life back to music with their raw, honest, and gritty sounds. A musical shapeshifter, Isis emerges with a refreshing fusion of sound, ranging from rock to RnB to jazz and blues. Much of their music-making centers on the exploration of identity and existence, creating and finding selves, worlds, and realities. With each song + show, Isis takes you on a journey of healing and becoming, sweeping through pain, growth, and transformation in their music. With vulnerable lyrics, haunting vocals, mesmerizing melodies, and an expansive musical ability, Isis enters the scene ready to make their permanent mark.

Listen to the full track below:



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