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King Jai drop positive new track ‘Reflections’

Nicknamed in Atlanta as ‘The Hardest Working Rapper in the Game’, thanks to his practice of walking the streets with a self made backlit billboard on his back, Birmingham, Alabama-born rapper King Jai is making waves as a creative. The artist produces beats, writes music for himself and others, acts, models and hosts his own podcast whilst also impacting lives daily as a barber based in Little 5 Points.

King Jai has shown in his recent singles to bring a positive, high-octane vibe that sets him apart from the crowd. His endlessly positive and uplifting lyrics lets you turn to his music for a mood boost and motivation to get back to work. With his latest track ‘Reflections’ this trend continues, with fellow artist DaSanga helping to bring the liveliness and inspiration with his feature on the chorus. Pair the duo’s chemistry and good vibes with a catchy beat that shows off punchy kicks, dynamic hi-hats and claps that cut through the mix and you’ve got the recipe for a track you’ll want in your playlist. To top it off, a repeated, catchy, melodic electric guitar line glides over the percussion, filling out the instrumentation but bringing in even more ecstasy to the track.

Sharing their process, Jai adds, “We wrote this record for people who are dealing with issues amongst themselves, The person in the mirror.”

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