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King Jai returns with impressive single ‘Silver Spoon’

King Jai, known in the city of Atlanta as ‘the hardest working rapper in the game’, is back with a new single entitled ‘Silver Spoon’. Taking on a plucky yet flowing beat from MODIGGIDY and IGOTCHABROTHER, Jai brings a heavily inspiring attitude that aims to motivate others. Lyrically, he dances around the themes of hard-work, keeping focussed, using himself as an example for someone striving for success. His flows are perfectly intertwined within the high energy rhythms the drums provide, able to switch between injecting intensity and pulling the track back to relaxation on a dime.

Whether it’s walking miles through Atlanta wearing a self-made backlit billboard to advertise his craft, or impacting lives daily as a barber, King Jai refuses to be held down in his creative endeavours. A producer, writer, actor, model and podcast host, the artist continues to up the ante with music that breaks the boundaries of stereotype. He represents the feelings and vibes of hood music, adding in a more positive and motivational flow and melody.

Jai shares, “Silver Spoon is for all the people who didn’t grow up with one!”

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