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King Jai releases passionate offering 'Houdini' ft. JABO

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

King Jai is dubbed as the "The Hardest Working Rapper In The Game." Why? Mainly due to his unique marketing strategy which involved walking with a billboard through his populous city of Atlanta showcasing his commitment to his craft. However, this is also proven on his latest track 'Houdini.'

'Houdini' showcases his ability as an artist. A tight, hard-hitting beat paired with an atmospheric synth working hand in glove with raw, emotional vocals. The result is a crisp, modern, urban sounding track mixed with modern elements and executed through his own eyes creating his unique sound. His artistry is doubled when joining forces with Birmingham, Alabama, rapper JABO who also brings the energy on this track.

The track surrounds getting rich quick in every sense. Speaking about this he explains: “All of this is like magic because one minute nothing is there and another minute everything is right in front of you.” We hop to see him make it to the top and get the recognition he deserves.

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