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Kirsty Belle Drops Her Newest Empowering Anthem 'Blinded By Brawn'

Blinded By Brawn is the latest offering from Scottish songstress Kirsty Belle, an emotional tale of deceit and heartbreak.

Kirsty makes full use of her incredible vocal range as her voice becomes the driving force in this condemning exposé directed at the man who broke her trust. With minimalist instrumentation Kirsty manages to create an ominous soundscape through punctual drum pads and a funk led bassline that sets the perfect mood for the song's hostile nature.

Kirsty explains the inspiration behind the song, “Blinded by Brawn is a song I wrote several years ago when I found out a guy I was seeing was hitting on other girls. Those girls I knew and they happened to tell me, so when I got home that day I penned the whole song in 20 minutes, furiously expressing my feelings about the situation and him. I didn't see him again after that. It was good riddance as far as I was concerned. I assume a lot of people will relate to these lyrics from one period in their lives”.

Using music as the vessel to ship her every thought and feeling, Kirsty has spent years honing her craft of expressing these emotions through captivating lyrics. Moving to Sydney in 2012 Kirsty has worked tirelessly to perfect the unique sound that is now associated with her and her music, not shy to emote fully through the words she puts to paper.

Following the success of debut track Slave which has accumulated over 70,000 streams on spotify alone, Kirsty is looking to maintain that momentum with the release of Blinded By Brawn.

Listen To Blinded By Brawn here:

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