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  • Alice Smith

Kitty unveils a song of self-discovery and empathy with "Sympathy Pains"

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Introducing her latest single, "Sympathy Pains", singer-songwriter Kitty invites you into a new chapter of her musical journey. This song signifies a fresh start for Kitty and her music, encapsulating a sound that she created in collaboration with her producer, Jules Konieczny. It's a sound that resonates with her unique personality, and she takes great pride in it.

The inspiration for "Sympathy Pains" stemmed from a deeply personal experience in Kitty's life. She wrote this song about a close friend who leaned on her like a therapist to an extent that it began to affect Kitty's own mental well-being. It was during this challenging period that the phrase 'sympathy pains' struck her, encapsulating the complex emotions she was going through.

When Kitty shared this concept with her dear friend and co-writer, Francesca Morris, the song flowed naturally and effortlessly. Together, they crafted a powerful narrative that speaks to the intricacies of empathy and self-care.

With "Sympathy Pains", Kitty brings her raw and relatable emotions to the forefront. This song is a glimpse into her inner world, where she navigates the challenges of supporting others while taking care of her own mental health. Through her music, Kitty offers listeners an authentic and moving experience that is bound to resonate deeply. It is also the first single from her upcoming EP 'Swimming for Dummies' set to be released in May 2024.



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