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Klangkarussell release the dark euphoria of single ‘Afterglow’

Klangkarussel has returned, once again collaborating with GIVVEN for their new track ‘Afterglow’. Pounding drums that steadily build in complexity increase the power of the plucky melodic synth design. Dark atmospheres constantly evolve, shimmering with a mystical sensibility as the vocals captivate with a haunting tone. Swirling and celestial, the track is vivid in execution.

The duo explain, ”’Afterglow’ is the spiritual successor to ‘Ghostkeeper’. It continues the story of loss and grief, but this time a bit further along in the process. It’s about someone who has started to come to terms with their loss and is learning how to keep living in the ‘Afterglow’ of this person that they’ve left behind. In ‘Ghostkeeper’ the protagonist was completely lost in the grief and was struggling to live a full life in the wake of the loss. In ‘Afterglow’, they are still holding onto the memories of their person, but in a more positive way, as they learn to move on while still remembering.

In meteorology, afterglow refers to the last waves of beautiful pink/golden light left behind as the sun sets in the sky. In this song, afterglow represents holding onto the beautiful memories and parts of a person that you’ve left behind, and appreciating those things while still allowing the sun to set on your time together. It’s about the process of grieving but still living at the same time.”

Thought first rising to fame after the release of their early single ‘Sonnentanz (Sun Don’t Shine)’, Klangkarussell has continued to expand and impressive across their career spanning over a decade. The pair have recently begun to release on their own label, Bias Beach Records, allowing them to re-embrace their creative direction, continuing to create emotional and atmospheric moments, whether behind the decks or the desk.



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