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Kristina Lachaga offers up the shimmering new single 'Love You More'

Over the last decade, New York-based singer-songwriter Kristina Lachaga has been churning out a wealth off riveting delights, all honed around her deletable voice. And while the gaps between each release are not as close as we would hope, they always hit an emotional spot, including her latest gem 'Love You More'.

Coupling her insatiable vocal performance with a lightly-played acoustic guitar from beginning to end, 'Love You More' marks one of her most uplifting outings to date. Keeping the vibes and energy as high as possible throughout, she looks to sweep us off our feet with this beautifully arranged delight.

Speaking about the new release, she said, "Some songs write themselves and 'Love You More' did just that. Inspired by love that grows day by day, I hope 'Love You More' brings an endless amount of love and sunshine to those who listen to it.

"'Love You More' started as a one take voicenote on my phone and grew into the 1st 'romance' song I’ve ever released as my producer and I added acoustic guitar accompaniment while sitting on the floor of his bedroom at his Aunt's house."

Forever looking for fresh and captivating ideas, 'Love You More' is a truly magical effort from the young artist. Casual and simple in its composition, it makes for a wondrous listen at every turn.

Enjoy 'Love You More' below.

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