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  • Alice Smith

L.A Salami Releases 'OTTOLINE: The Director's Cut (Deluxe)'

L.A. Salami has released the deluxe version of his highly acclaimed 2022 album ‘OTTOLINE’. The South London artist has of late begun calling himself an Intergalactical Troubadour, which is a sound that can be found reflected in his last two full-length albums. This new director's cut version of OTTOLINE is a full exploration of the artist's early 2020s sound, which ranges from folk, rock and roll, neo-soul, all the way through to hip hop, but remains authentically L.A. Salami."

The 18-track offering contains tracks off the 2022 record with a further five tracks added for fans to sink their teeth into. The focus single for the album is ‘THE TALISMAN’, a character that has been prominent throughout Salami’s work since the late 2010s. The track is about becoming the truest version of yourself, and the lows you must sometimes experience in order to get there. Salami explains the character further “THE TALISMAN is is a giant version of myself that lives at the end of time and space after he has made all the right decisions and learnt all the right lessons."

Lookman Adekunle Salami, known professionally as L.A. Salami is a British singer and songwriter, who is signed to Sunday Best Recordings & Domino Publishing. Having released music since 2012, Salami rose to prominence in 2014 with his EP ‘The Prelude’ which was followed by a tour around the UK. In the same year, Burberry asked Salami to soundtrack their SS/14 Menswear campaign, BBC Radio 1 singled him out as ‘a future star’ and Esquire Magazine featured him as one of the ten ‘Most Stylish Men In Music’. Since then, Salami has steadily grown in popularity garnering a strong following throughout his live shows and online. Now back with the release of ‘OTTOLINE: The Directors Cut (Deluxe), L.A. Salami once again showcases his artistry to listeners worldwide.


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