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  • Alice Smith

LA Grunge-Pop Band 'STARRY EYES' Drops Latest Single 'Over Oceans'

Following the release of their debut single ‘Jetlag’ LA grunge-pop band ‘STARRY EYES’ are back with their latest single ‘Over Oceans’, the second single to come from their debut EP ‘Ciao Bella’. The self-produced EP was mixed by Phil Ek (Band of Horses, Fleet Foxes and Mudhoney) and mastered by Multi Grammy-award-winning engineer Greg Calbi (Adele, Ramones, Paul McCartney).

The story of the California grunge-pop band, STARRY EYES, is both tragic and triumphant. The band evolved from the deep friendship between founding duo: guitarist John Shippey and drummer Matthew Scoggins. The pair worked for two years on the music for their debut EP, Ciao Bella, while on a frustrating search to find the right singer to complement their unique sound. John and Matt eventually struck gold in early 2021 with singer and lyricist Kyle Tekiela, and for three weeks it looked like the LA-based group was complete. Then, Matt died suddenly of drug-related causes, and the band’s ambitions came to a tragic halt. Today, nearly two years after Matt's death, John and Kyle have soldiered on and the band’s story is a powerful rebirth narrative.

Like all of their tracks ‘Over Oceans’ is filled with deeply personal and introspective themes. A stark contrast to the indulgent lifestyle portrayed in their debut ‘Jetlag’, ‘Over Oceans’ acts as the hungover aftermath. Utilising a more sombre tone the band crafts a delicate soundscape of bright guitar arrangements mixed with tranquil vocal harmonies that diverge from Kyle’s reflective, low-register vocal performance. The track acts as a reminder that the only thing that matters in life are the ones you love, whilst warning of the fragility of life so as to not waste time on anything that takes away from the things that truly matter. Kyle explains “‘Over Oceans’ is a heartfelt thank you to my beautiful wife Nicole and my incredible son Lincoln who saved me in a time when I really needed saving.”

The accompanying video showcases the band’s creative image with cinematic visuals that cut between the stunning landscape of the California coast, the band, and remarkable visual effects depicting a meteor shower crashing down to earth, with the ending focusing on a heartfelt tribute to Matthew Scoggins, the former drummer and founding member of STARRY EYES.

With their previous release 'Jetlag' garnering press and radio attention from both sides of the Atlantic from the likes of world-famous KROQ, Earmilk, and Music Crowns to name a few, STARRY EYES now look to build upon their previous success with their latest single ‘Over Oceans’ before unveiling their highly anticipated debut EP ‘Ciao Bella’ that the band describes as “a homage to those they’ve lost and a bitter-sweet beginning of the beautiful things to come” in May.

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