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La Palma captivate on their charming new EP 'Red-tailed River'

Ever since they first emerged with their stunning breakthrough self-titled debut album in 2019, Washington DC-based duo La Palma have been on a triumphant rise. Churning out a wealth of riveting folk-pop-inspired delights in the years previous, they are now looking to continue that positive ascent with their charming new EP 'Red-tailed River'.

Arriving in the wake of their much-loved 2021 studio album 'Moonflower', this new three-track collection brings back more of that warm and invigorating aesthetic we love them for. Brimming with sweet and alluring tones that perfectly match their own effervescent vocal style, 'Red-tailed River' sees them revive those initial textures that fans of theirs have always loved them for.

Despite it only being three songs in length, 'Red-tailed River' packs in a multitude of diverse ideas and genres. Blending in a heady mix of psychedelic and indie to their already cemented folk pursuits gives this new outing a wonderfully varied appeal without straying too far from their core sound.

It may have arrived after a flurry of enigmatic delights in recent years, but this new release still manages to find something new and interesting in which to explore. Harnessing some wonderfully inventive ideas throughout, they are definitely ones we need to keep a closer eye on as the months roll on as well.

Enjoy 'Red-tailed River' below.

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