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Lady Silver's new single 'News of the World' is filled with charm and wit

If you haven't heard of Lady Silver by now, then where have you been! This epic new indie band has been taking the music scene by storm with their latest release 'News of the World' and it's a single that I highly recommend checking out!

'News of the World' is the embodiment of everything that I love about indie music. The angst mixed with lead vocalist charm and charisma makes for an all-round enjoyable and compelling listening experience.

After the first listen it wasn't hard to hear where Lady Silver drew their influences from. Being the new embodiment of legends such as Queens of the Stone Age, Foals, Arctic Monkeys, Black Keys, and Mother's Cake. Lady Silver takes inspiration from these great bands yet carve their own path in the indie landscape.

Lucky for us 'News of the World' is just the beginning for this amazing band as they are gearing up for the release of their new album Circus Pop! And if this latest release is anything to go by we're in for a ride of satirical charm, wit, and heaps of personality and I personally can't wait.

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