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Larri Jae’s sensuous R&B inspired E.P: ‘Chapter 30’

Looking for a fresh new addition to your seductive playlist? Look no further! A flowy well produced instrumentals with smooth and sexy distinctive vocals make a mark on Larri Jae and his distinct sound in ‘Chapter 30’. Grown up in the violent streets of Chicago, it is amongst this backdrop that Larri Jae spent his time refining his soulful and contemporary R&B sound, working day and night polishing this craft, Larri Jae pours all his soul out in this three-track sensual EP, leaving you wanting more.

Speaking to us about the release, Larri says:

What you are hearing on this EP is 15 years of practice, it's 10,000 hours of writing, singing, and producing every day to find the "right sound." When you listen to my EP, you're listening to years of hard work, faced with multiple rejections, and past relationship experiences in my life.”

Working with Grammy Award-winning producer Xcel as well as acclaimed producers PDub The Producer and N-Soul has resulted in tracks "Alphabet Head (Wet Enough)", "Tell Me Who?" and "Sad Inc." establishing Larri as a distinct RnB artist who will continue to refine his soulful and contemporary RnB sound in order to etch his mark in the urban music scene.



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