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Larry Mindel's Call To Action With New Single 'Okarito Ways'

Some artists are natural-born storytellers. They use music to entertain and also to enlighten; as is the case with the latest single from UK songwriter Larry Mindel. 'Okarito Ways' is a charming call to action that will have listeners made aware of a cause close to Mindel's heart, in a way which is accessible and furthermore, memorable. Once the listener has heard what Mindel has to say with this new song, it will not be easily forgotten... In particular, 'Okarito Ways' focuses on one area of nature in particular - Ōkārito Lagoon, which - with its associated waterways - connects the Southern Alps of the West Coast of New Zealand to the Tasman Sea. Rich with wildlife, this unique and biodiverse area is protected by National Forest, part of a UNESCO World Heritage site. Ōkārito is the largest surviving unmodified wetlands in New Zealand. You are likely to treat wondrous areas of nature with more caution than you might have done prior to listening to this song. As a listener, you’ll feel immediately drawn into the gentle world of this song, a musical representation of Ōkārito Lagoon itself. Hear the luscious entanglement of guitar, piano, lulling percussion and strings, with Mindel's signature voice bringing everything together.

Over 90% of NZ’s wetlands have been lost or compromised by agriculture and urban expansion. Ōkārito Lagoon is vulnerable - the land and forest surrounding the water is protected, but the waterways themselves are not. Having visited in 2019, Larry Mindel approached local conservationists Swade Finch and Paula Sheridan this year to share their joint passion and love for this place, to show its beauty, as further protection is sought for the lagoon and these waterways. They all hope that you too may see and understand the urgency for ensuring we all look after the places near to us and our hearts - places that are still untainted by human incursion.

Find out more about Larry Mindel, and do not miss out on Okarito Ways, as well as many other examples of his unmatched artistry, currently available throughout the best digital streaming platforms on the web.

Larry Mindel's website:

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