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LDRDO releases grooving single 'Light My Fire'

Tel-Aviv-based music producer and songwriter David Levi, also known as LDRDO (pronounced 'El Dorado') to his fans, is back with the eagerly awaited single 'Light My Fire' from his upcoming album 'On The Road.' Drawing comparisons to artists such as Brittany Howard, Leon Bridges, and Michael Kiwanuka, LDRDO’s ‘Light My Fire’ transports listeners, reflecting the artist’s personal motto that music has a magical ability to transport people to different places - “Music is my airplane”. 

The track ‘Light My Fire’ sets the scene for the new project with grooving synth bass and reverberant electric guitar rhythms blending seamlessly together above a sleek drum line. Above the additions of glittery keys and energised organ comes LDRDO's passionate vocal performance, guiding you through the eclectic atmosphere with ease as he illuminates each section. 

In LDRDO’s own words, “I would say that this track tells the part of the story (track 5) which the protagonist is in the middle of his journey and is dealing with old memories and past experiences that makes him feel down and like he’s “losing his mind” and in pain, but he calls for that spark of inspiration to “light his fire”. So the song has a positive message to keep your head up and stay strong, and can relate to dealing with mental health issues  and depression.”

LDRDO's previous work, following the motto of transcending listeners, is exemplified by the debut EP 'Lost In The Fire,' released in 2021, along with the artist's diverse array of collaborations on singles since 2020. LDRDO’s debut album, 'On The Road,' inspired by the artist’s semi-autobiographical journey after a crisis and their decision to refocus on life, is set to be released in the summer.



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