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Lemonade Lake share their jazz-infused indie rock single ‘27 (All My Friends Are Boring)'

Fusing the slacker rock vibes of Mac Demarco with an uplifting burst of energy, Manchester duo Lemonade Lake are fresh onto the scene with their debut single ‘27 (All My Friends Are Boring)’. The pair shake up their sound with Motown inspired bass lines and animated breakbeats, adding a unique flair that breaks the mould.

Talking about the new single, Lemonade Lake share: “‘27’ is a song all about when you are feeling lost and directionless at a time when you're meant to be doing your best. It's for when you're unhappy with the path you're on, even though it's a path you chose.”

Lemonade Lake’s combination of introspective lyrics and infectious indie melodies is refreshingly self aware- and it’s safe to say that the duo are destined for big things.

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