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  • Ellie McGuire

Leo Napier Presents New EP ‘The Philly Gritz EP’

Multi-talented musician Leo Napier has a vast repertoire of music with productions with elements of R&B, soul, funk, gospel, hip-hop, electronic, and pop. His discography reflects his creative and boundless mindset, as he moves across genres with unparalleled ease and adaptability. He returns with his latest offering ‘The Philly Gritz EP’.

The EP takes listeners on a journey which was inspired by how Leo Napier got a second chance at life. From suffering from a crippling heart infection to almost being pronounced dead on the operating table, the EP represents the traumatic experience of when Leo Napier almost died. There are soul-stirring and humourous moments throughout the tracks that reawakened his music artistry in a captivating manner. His vocals are rich while the production is spectacular.

Leo Napier gives the listener a glimpse into how he, as an artist, might use his pen, his microphone, and a hint of humour to help strengthen his resolve during his more vulnerable moments by delivering what some might consider heavy personal baggage in a casually indifferent manner.

Speaking on his latest offering, “One of the first things that hit me upon regaining consciousness a few days after the operation was that, had I died, I would have taken all of my unheard music to the grave with me. I’ve dedicated most of my life to this craft and these songs. They're the fragments that comprise the mosaic that is my identity, my soul. From now on, every song I’ve written is going back to the people I wrote them for. These songs are for you, as much as they are for me. My second life began after my heart stopped and restarted on August 18th, 2023. My career begins in earnest on April 30th, 2024, with the release of the 'Philly Gritz EP.'”

Although the EP offers his fans a slightly different sound that emphasises variety, the multi-talented singer is still displaying his incredible musical abilities. Leo Napier is still the remarkable artist that we have grown to love.



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