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Leonard Maassen unleashes ‘Inside Cycles’ his psychadelic debut album

A full, raw, and intricate showcase of his composing talents, Leonard Maassen’s debut album Inside Cycles has been unveiled. Using everything his electronic instrumentation has to offer, Leonard builds huge worlds with long, swelling kaleidoscopic pads, twinkling delicate and plucky melodies and rhythmic, frenzied and forceful percussive sounds.

As you make your way through the Odyssey, tracks blend into one another, introducing new ideas and expanding on what came before it. In moments the project is fragile, reserved and elegant, in others it's intense and fierce, charging through the arrangements and colliding with the listener. Tracks surround your ears, leaving you inextricable intertwined and yet unable to fully distinguish your surroundings. It’s a psychedelic trip, one of such a scale words don’t do it justice.

Leonard explains, “With Inside Cycles, the focus is on shifting sound worlds. Every sound changes over time, all the musical elements are fluid and in motion. Contemporary technology allows us to constantly shift the characteristics of instruments, so we can create previously unheard musical textures not by changing the notes we hear, but by changing the sound of the notes as they reoccur. Exploring this principle, Inside Cycles is a solo record that takes you on a digital-psychedelic journey through intricate, evolving sound worlds.”

Emerging as a pioneer and experimentalist, Leonard Maassen grew up between Germany, France and the UK, unknowingly building a unique music identity that would go onto to flourish as he became invested in the possibilities of technology. Bringing together audio and visuals, pushing both avenues to their limits, alongside composing for film and delivering captivating performances, Leonard’s sensational abilities are seeing him become more and more a notable figure of electronic music.



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