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Lex Candy releases immersive new E.P “You've done the right thing, let's move on and celebrate life”

Lex Candy has given himself a very positive lifestyle change. Getting sober and breaking off toxic people has allowed him to create a positive and vibrant new sound which takes inspiration from a variety of different genres and artists. Speaking about this, he says: “Musically I have had so many influences since I stopped being a fucked up DIY punk. Shawn Mendes, lauv, 5 Seconds of Summer, Yungblud, Bazzi, Twenty One Pilots and Blackbear are just a few who have a big influence on me and who i really admire. But in the end those artists just make music I love listening to and respect, I never tried to copy any of them and tried to be as much as I was as I could. "you've done the right thing, let's move on and celebrate life" is just the beginning of the journey.”

His new sound can be heard in an abundance on his new E.P “You've done the right thing, let's move on and celebrate life.” The E.P features a melting pot of Indie anthems, Power Pop Ballads and RnB-tinged tunes. However, the one consistent theme throughout the E.P is Lex Candy’s voice. Infectious, punchy and, at times, endearing, his songs detail his most inner thoughts and feelings.

Speaking about the E.P, Lex Candy shares: “At first it took quite a while to know where I wanted to go. But when the probably 10th version of It's Like Magic was done i knew this is it. That's who I want to be. Lyrically I came over these things like alcoholism and not having self confidence - always reflecting who i am and who i wanna be. Living in Austria, I decided to go as international as possible right from the start. I found amazing people who understand my vision and wanted to work with me. Many people are going through similar themes as I am. It's hard to trust yourself, but when you do, it feels better than anything.

Lex Candy is sure to get to the top with releases like this.


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