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LGBTQ+ artist Laura Dre reveals exceptional album 'Moving Spaces'

Released last Friday, 'Moving Spaces' is the exquisite new album from synth-pop icon Laura Dre. Having played at some of the world's biggest LGBTQ+ events and even supporting pop legend Kim Wilde, Laura is definitely a star-in-the-making. Signed to Outland Recordings - one of the world's leading synth and retrowave labels, Laura is certainly turning heads within the synth industry and we're not surprised in the slightest.

Telling us more about the album and the title track, Laura shares, "Moving Spaces is the title track on my debut solo album. The whole album covers themes of unrequited love and this song is about moving backwards and forwards in love. The lyrics refer to an 'oasis' which can be taken as a metaphor for the loneliness and sometimes one-way traffic in feeling love for someone else. But I use indirect writing styles and a lot of the tracks on this album have multi-dimensional meanings which can be interpreted in their own way for the listener.”

Unforgettable - be transported to a safe haven in Laura's wondrous new album.



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