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LION releases the frenzied single ‘Attention’

LION is a queer black electropop artist, singer, songwriter and producer and dancer from Melbourne. Tomboi Records took them on to refine LION’s sound with heavy beats influenced by hyper-pop and electronic music being taken to the likes of Sydney World Pride for performances.

Aggressive production, heavy processing and boundless distortion, LION’s latest release is the frenzied single ‘Attention’. Glitchy vocal chops and spoken layers of verse performances are intertwined into a futuristic hyper-pop anthem. LION took on the full process of this track, from writing to producing, giving him the opportunity to explore the blend of stadium filling sounds, grabbing you with both hands from start to finish.

On the creation of ‘Attention’, LION says: “I wrote this song in a period of my life where I sought so much external validation that I nearly lost myself. So I wrote about the progression of someone who broke down because they couldn’t nurture their own soul. But of course, I had to make it camp, catchy and chaotic. I think there are so many distractions and coping mechanisms we develop to avoid ourselves; so let’s commit to the journey of listening to ourselves, especially when it’s painful”.

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