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Little League debuts his new single 'Sleep It Off'

A slumbery, soft single to start off his 2021, Little League has penned an ode to the quieter hours in ‘Sleep It Off’.

The track glows with effervescence, with glossy synths, gentle riffs and delicate percussion cushioning his every word. Soaked into the melody are sounds that are affiliated with silent nights, with crickets and beams of the lamplight echoing the mood of the song perfectly. Little League’s ability to make a pop anthem out of the struggles of overthinking and insomnia are a credit to his impeccable artistry.

Describing the inspiration behind the track in detail, he explains “Sleep It Off is a memorial to everyone that’s given up things they loved in order to dream. The song was meant to capture the exhaustion and loss that you can only fully experience when you are by yourself at 2am. For me, that’s when all my regrets, insecurities, questions, and doubts bubble up to the surface. Those are typically my darkest moments. It’s not until the morning after that I’m able to see that my future is a little brighter than I thought it was the night before”.

Already established as a one to watch, Little League has tasted success with his debut release ‘Whachuwannadu’, closely followed by ‘New Vibe Who Dis’, a collaborations with Spinnin Records and Madison Mars that has seen streams soar to over 14 million on Spotify alone.

With an EP in the works for early this year, Little League is on the brink of major success, and ‘Sleep It Off’ is a prime example as to why.

Listen to 'Sleep It Off' here:



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