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Little Visits Exemplifies Post COVID Optimism on Debut Single "Tomorrowtown"

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Glistening outfit Little Visits storm onto the scene with breathtaking debut single, 'Tomorrowtown'. Already racking up nearly 3,000 streams on Spotify alone since its release on June 25th, the remarkable band are fronted by Detroit pop-scene collaborator Noah DeLeon. A powerful pop number that radiates a Gen-Z aesthetic, the track will also resonate with fans of INXS and early Radiohead.

Little Visits strikes an incredible balance on what makes modern indie pop so exciting and genuinely novel. In Noah's own words on the track; "Tomorrowtown feels like an entire year of writing - it originally came from a guitar line and hook I wrote right before new year’s day leading into 2020. I was feeling hopeful about my future, both in terms of music and a newly-budding relationship I was in at the time. However, throughout the course of the next 6 months, my world started to crumble from the inside out - first in my ability to go out on the road to perform, and shortly after in being able to keep someone special close to me as the world outside pulled us apart. The lyrics of the song spilled out of me in almost real-time."

Stream the powerful debut 'Tomorrowtown' below.

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