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Litvar unleash their captivating indie rock sound in ‘You Should Find A New Boyfriend’

Litvar are a trio of American rockers from a small town in Connecticut who are making a big noise. Lifelong friends Rex, Violet and Joe came together, releasing their first single in 2020 and have formed a real unorthodox and genre-blending sound that takes homage from 00s indie pop with a mix of rock and modern touches. Their new single 'You Should Find A New Boyfriend' is exactly this, and it's hard not to get swept up in Litvar's sonics.

“Sonically, ‘Boyfriend’ is us playing with dynamics, exploring our electronic pop influences and satisfying our thirst for huge modern rock choruses. Lyrically, it’s about searching for space while being swallowed by anxiety, using the idea of begging for air in a strangling relationship.”

The first 1 minute 30 plus is a delicately woven piece of modern pop in essence, with lead singer Rex showcasing all of his vocal tonality, and holds a beautifully melancholic presence in this intro. The switch is dramatic and explosive, where it turns into an indie rock full band sound, with the lyrics 'You should find a new boyfriend' repeating amongst the colossal guitars and drums. The song then seems to perfectly balance itself out towards the end though, with a lighter and more paired back approach, in a song that holds so many moments of magic. Check it out now.

Listen to 'You Should Find A New Boyfriend' here:


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