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lleo releases straight-talking new E.P ‘am i making sense?’

lleo has never shied away from being their true self in their music, with this, they hope that their audience can find solace within their brutally honest lyricism. lleo has gained the craft of connecting with this audience through lyricism that revolves around their problems and experiences that can be found within everyday life, frantically tapping these idea down in the notes section of their phone on a regular basis. Addressing their experiences and struggles that come with having bipolar, the young artist wants their tracks to be listened to in layers, with an enticing sound on top but a much deeper underbelly.

‘am I making sense?’ is a 6-track, overdrive-soaked EP that explores some very hard-hitting topics. Tracks such as “serotonin” will answer all of your pop-punk needs. Drums smash through the mix, creating a hard-hitting groove when partnered with the bass line. Fuzzy guitars land on top, whilst their vocals are hard-hitting, packed with emotion and wrapped up in an irresistible melody. Tracks such as “meds” and “the internet” are irresistible earworms that are packed with pop sensibilities and really showcase lleo’s vulnerability with timid vocals that land softly on top of a melting pot of melodies. Throwback alt-rock sensibilities as well as indie pop and hyper-pop creep their way into this bold and assertive new offering.

Speaking about the release, lleo tells us: “‘am i making sense?’ is all about me trying to convey what happens in my head. It's the highest highs and the lowest lows condensed into songs, as it's the only way I even know how to start making sense of everything. my mind is so noisy, and I wanted to convey that on this EP. am i making sense? is basically layer upon layer of feeling - hypomanic, and sad, and confused all at once. I want to be able to have no bullshit conversations about this in our heads, and this is my way of starting it. Unless you have bipolar, you will never really get it, but this is my way of trying to make sense of my head, and to help people to start to understand.”

lleo’s music is cutting through the noise, and reaching new fans, who connect with the vulnerability they are so willing to share with the world.

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