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Lois Rae drops her debut single "BADDIE"

British newcomer Lois Rae has dropped her polished and provocative debut single “BADDIE” taken from her forthcoming debut EP, due for release in 2021. Serving as a thrilling glimpse into the captivating artistry of Lois Rae, “BADDIE” combines R&B beats with delicate piano notes to create a dynamic and fresh pop-based soundscape.

“BADDIE” was inspired by social media culture”, explains Lois Rae. “It’s sassy and empowering. I used this track to explore the idea that a woman is much more than the image you see of her on Instagram - it’s a tongue in cheek way of responding to people who judge a book by it’s cover.”

Hailing from Manchester, Lois Rae is infusing her modern pop sound with a nostalgic 90s flare and aspects of classic R&B music. At only the start of her career, if “BADDIE” is anything to go by, we should get used to hearing the name Lois Rae in the future!

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