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Lois releases infectious new single “Strange Men”

Hailing from Leeds, singer-songwriter Lois is taking the alt-pop world by storm. Within her irresistible and unique sound, Lois manages to pay homage to the likes of Arlo Parks and Joy Crooke - blending contemporary and new together. With the likes of Clash, Louder than War and Clout offering their support, it’s clear that Lois is one to keep your eye on.

Her latest single “Strange Men” is an infectious, but an emotionally-penned offering. The track features a vibrant melting pot of playful percussion, grooving bass lines and heartwarming synths. On top, Lois’s softly-penned vocals grace the track, irresistible and emotional in their own right. Her well-penned lyricism highlights some important issues.

Speaking further about this, she says: “Stolen innocence, losing your sense of self in others and being taken advantage of. Strange Men is about getting to an age where your perception of the world starts to change from when you were young and the unfortunate reality of how badly women can be treated by men.”

2022 saw her play the main stage at Highest Point Festival, Live at Leeds and support The Lottery Winners in Manchester. Her debut single was streamed over 70,000 times and landed in important playlists such as “Fresh Finds” and “young & free.” Lois is set to release her new E.P in 2023, and if the single is anything to go by, we cannot wait to hear it.



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